Friday, 19 June 2009

Senate calls on Australian government to support global arms embargo against Burma

Burma Campaign Australia congratulates the Senate on unanimously passing a motion calling on the Australian government to support a global arms embargo against Burma’s military dictatorship.

Burma Campaign Australia spokesperson Dr Myint Cho said that while the motion is welcomed, the Australian government needs to follow up with action.
“The Australian government needs to take a stronger stance by supporting a global arms embargo,” Dr Cho said.

“We have seen the regime uses its strength of arms to brutally oppress Burma’s population time and time again. Despite this there is no global ban on the sale of arms to Burma.”

Australia has an arms embargo against Burma, but China, Russia, India, North Korea and other countries continue to sell arms to the regime.

Green Senator Scott Ludlam proposed the motion.

Senator Ludlam said, “Appalling human rights abusers should not be able to purchase their weapons in the global market”.

“The Australian government should heed yesterday’s Senate motion and join this international campaign for a globalarms embargo against Burma.”

For interviews contact Dr Myint Cho on 0404091143 and contact Robert Simms on 0417174302 for Senator Ludlam.